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Rules of Conduct

General rules and guidelines

At Society events

At Society events, it is the objective of the Society to maintain a polite, friendly

And non-judgmental atmosphere. Therefore, the below rules are to be strictly enforced.


The rules have been laid down in order to assist our guests by creating a common

ground, on the basis of which we all are to operate.

It should be noted that it is

not the intention of the Society to remove any individuality or personal form, from

either Dominants or submissives.

The objective of the rules and guidelines is to

assist us all, so that we may act with dignity and respect towards each other and

our surroundings.

Furthermore, as another objective of the rules is to ensure the highest possible

privacy and anonymity at events as well as in our everyday private life, the discretion

rules naturally apply both before, during and after Society events. However, it

is not in the spirit of the Society to replace nor invade the privacy rules which

already exist between individuals.


No rule has any effect, if there is no consequence when it is broken. It is the

prerogative and duty of the Society to evaluate any given violation or breach of

rule, just as it is the prerogative of the Society to decide on any consequences

of the offence. Should the offender be a Dominant, then he will be addressed

directly by a ranking Society Member.

Should the offender be a submissive, the matter is handled more delicately, as the

Society of course respects ownership.

Subsequently, the Society will not impose

any consequence directly on a submissive, as it is the prerogative and duty of her

owner to take appropriate action. Thus, a ranking Member of the Society discreetly

informs the owner of any reported incident. The Society Member may also serve as

arbiter, should the need arise.

Should the offender be a submissive without an owner, she is addressed directly

by a ranking Society Member.

 (A non-accompanied submissive guest is under the protection

of the Society, which entails that the Society appoints a Mentor to guide and protect

her during the Society event.)

 It is the responsibility of each guest to make sure that the rules are understood

and followed. If in doubt, ask a ranking Society Member.


At a Roissy Society event, guests are expected to adhere to their respective roles

as Dominants and submissives as from the moment they arrive at the specified address.

Owned submissives look to their respective Dominant and as a matter of course conduct

themselves with due respect towards the other Dominants present.


 Non-accompanied submissives look to their appointed Mentor.

It should be noted that submissives are not expected to be at the direct disposal

of anybody apart from their owner, unless it has been otherwise arranged. However,

befitting submissive conduct and due respect must always be observed.


Dominants are expected to keep their respective submissives well in hand. No Dominant

has any direct authority over the submissives of other Dominants, but may at all

times expect to receive the deference and respect due their status. Should a Dominant

feel that this has been neglected, a complaint can be discreetly addressed to a

ranking Society Member, who will then address the owner or Mentor of the erring



In order to protect and care for the submissives of the Society, as well as guests,

the overall safe word used is "CIRCUS", or the Danish equivalent "CIRKUS". In the

unlikely event that the safe word is used and not honoured, it is the prerogative

and responsibility of every Gentleman  of the Society to step in and offer

his assistance

Anonymity and discretion


The Roissy Society shall and will make every effort to ensure that no information

about any of the Society's guests or Members is given to any other person or group.

All information is held in strictest confidence. It is the responsibility of both

guests and Members to protect the anonymity of other Society guests and Society

Members. Likewise, the location of the Society meeting places is not to be disclosed.

Society Member responsibilities

at events


The Society rules have been laid down out of consideration for the physical, emotional

and legal safety of everyone in the Society, as well as our guests. Subsequently,

it is the responsibility of each Lady and Gentleman of the Society to do her/his

part to ensure that the rules are strictly adhered to.

It should be noted that an important aspect of our rules is to ensure that no Dominant

misuses his or her Dominant status over any submissive; be the Dominant a Society

Member or a guest.


Society Members must at all times conduct themselves with due dignity and mutual

respect, as an example to our guests, and in general strive to create a polite,

friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere.